Ocarina- the social iPhone flute hits on iPhone apps


Ocarina sold as a 99 cent application, has become  ..more»

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Trends from Japan: Dress like a Roc(k) Star


Japanese company Roc Star brings vintage feel clothing th ..more»

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Make Music by Dancing in the PACER Suit


Every breath you take, every move you make, every b ..more»

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La La La Laser Music


High-tech music is emerging as the new trend in ..more»

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Have a Social Jam-Session with the Drum Table


Bang away on a musical table. The Rumba Series ..more»

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Jim Jones wears a scarf on his head


“The look is half hoodie, half untied doo-rag, but with an extra ..more»

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Musipen-Cool new MP3 Player creation


The musipen tubular music player allows more screen space, ..more»

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