Global Warming Preparations: The Floating Hotel

by: Taly Weiss January 6, 2011


Riding on the waves of global warming comes the Ark.

The Ark Hotel is a concept for a vacation home designed to protect from extreme weather and created to be self-reliant.

The arch-shaped building, has a structure that enables it to float and exist autonomously on the surface of the water. The Ark was also designed to be a bioclimatic house with independent life-support systems, including elements ensuring a closed-functioning cycle. Wind turbines and its transparent roof is used to create energy. Rainwater can be collected from the roof.  A load-bearing system of arches and cables allows weight redistribution along the entire corpus in case of an earthquake.

The Ark certainly opens a new type innovation category, dealing not with preventing / eliminating global warming, but rather dealing with a new reality.


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