Communicating with those who can’t: Dogs Can Now Tweet

by: Taly Weiss February 3, 2010


“Puppy Tweets” dog’s collar allows  dog owners to follow their dog on twitter. This plastic tag (introduced by Mattel), comes equipped with a sound and motion sensor, and with pre-recorded tweets.

In accordance to the dog’s movements and behavior, it’ll post tweets to the dog’s Twitter account announcing it status.

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Pets focused devices:

  • A collar tag from Boston-based SNIF Labs lets pet owners forge new connections with fellow dog-walkers, both online and off.
  • The Bowlingual Voice bark translator developed by Takara Tomy, a Japanese toy company,  is a device that allegedly translates a dog’s bark or feelings into words people can understand.
  • Pets Locator – GPS device by Location Based Technologies.

Plants devices:

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