The GreenSeat

by: Taly Weiss October 20, 2008


While participating in outdoor festivals and concerts that promote environmental causes, your conscience may give you a rest-but your behind might get a little restless. The GreenSeat, “is all about elevating the experience of outdoor festivals and happenings. Giving the audience as well as the sponsor a way of interacting without either of them feeling forced on the other.” By using corrugated cardboard, the chair has very low production costs, is 100% recyclable and easily distributed. It can also be used as an advertising platform by printing your company logo on the backside. Due to its incredible benefits, the GreenSeat can become a hit not only at eco-friendly events, but also at any outdoor location that requires casual seating. As the company says: “We put trees ahead of profit”. And by doing so, they profit big time.



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