Strumpet & Pink Couture Lingerie is Magical

by: Taly Weiss September 15, 2008


“Lisa Z Morgan and Melanie Probert have taken lingerie out of the drawer and into couture with their UK Company Strumpet and Pink.” These undergarments made with ruffles, satin silks, flowers, nettings and more are magically sexy and refreshing twists on lingerie.
Trend Potential? Absolutely. While they’re just as innovative as the C-String, they are on the completely opposite end of the lingerie spectrum. With exquisite designs & materials and names like ‘Garden of Delights’, ‘Dreaming of Jade’, Éve’s Drapes’ and ‘Rosette Cheeks’, women would love to adorn themselves with one of these ravishing undergarments that whisk you away into a world of charming fantasy. They are so sensuous and luxurious in their vintage look and feel, they remind us of the days when more was more, and a woman’s undergarment was a magnificent microcosm beneath her tresses.

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